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Frequently asked questions
How do I make the project ICO Profit ?
It's simple. In our project, there are several ways to earn money: - purchase of tariffs with different characteristics and daily collection of profit in the form of bitcoins, - referral program, - perform tasks in quests. And this is not the limit, as the project develops, we will expand this list. You can read more about the methods of earning immediately after registration in the "Training section".
Is there a limit to the purchase of tariffs?
No, you can buy any number of tariffs.
What payment systems are used for depositing and withdrawing funds?
Balance can be made via the payment system: QIWI, PAYEER, Perfect Money, Cash ADV, Cryptococal. As the project progresses, we will add payment systems for easy withdrawal of resources.
Is it necessary to invest your money in the project to earn?
No! You can earn money through the referral system by inviting friends to the game through your referral link. You can earn by completing tasks in the section "Quests" and also by participating in the unprecedented contests and promotions project that we create for the participants.
How much can I withdraw if I do not replenish the account in the game?
There are no restrictions on the Output without reinforcements. Invite your friends, complete tasks and earn bitcoins without restrictions.
Do you have an affiliate program?
Certainly. The affiliate program in ICO Profit has 2 levels, earnings from the affiliate program are transferred to the account for Withdrawal. More information about this system can be found in the section "Referrals".
If I invite friends, what do I get?
Inviting friends, You will receive up to 15% of their deposits in the game, depending on your referral status.
I bought the tariff, and he doesn't charges bitcoins all the time, why?
It is necessary to check the tariff and collect the accumulated amount no later than every 24 hours, as bitcoins are replenished to the maximum during this period of time. Accordingly, without taking the time produced capital, You are depriving their rates the possibility of accumulation, and himself fixed return rates stand for the accumulation of funds!
I have bitcoins for purchases, why can't I withdraw them?
You can only withdraw bitcoins from the game!
What is the minimum withdrawal amount for each wallet?
List of minimum amounts to be deducted for each option: Payeer - 0.00002533 BTC, Qiwi - 0.00002535 BTC, Bitcoin - 0.001 BTC, PerfectMoney - 0.00002534 BTC.
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