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Long-awaited updates ICO Profit! New rates! + 15% 48h

Dear friends! We inform you about the latest ICO Profit updates. We launched new profitable tariffs, now all players will be able to earn even more and even faster! Attention, the number of new tariffs limit, do not miss your chance to accelerate the yield in profit in the project!

In honor of the new updates, we give all players +15% to replenish within 48 hours.

New updates ICO Profit! Section "Credit". +15%

Dear friends, we inform you that the ICO Profit project is developing successfully.

The project has earned a new section "Credit". With this section, players will be able to purchase more expensive rates. The importance of the new update is in the "Credit" section.

In honor of the updates, we give all players +15% to top up for 48 hours.

New updates! + 10% on replenishment!

Friends, we inform you about new updates. In the project ICOprofit appeared Refback. Now when replenishing you can automatically return to your account to withdraw your referrals up to 70% of your referral earnings. You can use the features of the new update in the «Settings» section.

Also now when replenishing the players see the immediately received amount of funds taking into account the Promotion.

In the near future Icoprofit will become even more convenient and interesting. Follow the news!

In honor of the new update, Icoprofit gives all players +10% on replenishment within 24 hours.

Technical opening of ICO Profit!

The economic game ICO Profit opens the doors for its players. We came here for a long time and seriously! Ahead of the project, there are tremendous opportunities for development and improvement. You are waiting for mini-games, a stock exchange simulator, ICO simulator and much more! In our project, you can earn money without attachments, as well as a proven and profitable affiliate program! In honor of the opening, we give +5% for replenishment for all participants within 48 hours!